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Lines & Borders

File location: layout/helpers/_separation.scss (GitHub)

Horizontal Separators




Additionally: .border-transparent and .border-none

Colors for border-dark and border-light can be customized with the hgrid variables $color-light and $color-dark in the @use rule during initialization.

Individual Borders

.border-gray .border-top-none
.border-gray .border-dotted .border-top-none

This pattern works with the five grayscale colors we already know, but with simpler naming, as well as -none:

-lighter (gray-lighter), -light (gray-light), -gray, -dark (gray-dark) and -darker (gray-darker).

Code example
<div class="border-right-darker">
  <!-- element content -->

<div class="border-top-dark-dotted">
  <!-- element content -->

<div class="border-gray border-left-none">
  <!-- element content -->

Border Modifiers

The border modifiers require that the element has a border. For example by the help of one of hgrid's border or line utilities. The modifier must come after the initial border in the html sequence.

⚠️ Some of the modifier effects can be hard to see if the border line is too thin. The modifiers depend on the browser's implementation of standard CSS properties and may consequently look slightly different from browser to browser.

<div class="border-gray-dark border-dashed">
  <!-- element content -->

<hr class="border-dotted">


Text Column Separators

Add the utility .col-rule-gray-light to a multi-column text container and light gray lines will show up between each column. More about text columns in the typography chapter.

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The naming pattern is .col-rule-{ color-name } with these values: light, white, gray-lighter, gray-light, gray, gray-dark, gray-darker, dark and black. (dark and light can be customized with the variables $color-light and $color-dark.)

Responsive Border Overrides

Remove borders responsively:

Class Name CSS Property Comment
.{ viewport }-b-0 border: none; Example: tablet-portrait-b-0
.{ viewport }-bt-0 border-top: none; Example: desktop-large-bt-0
.{ viewport }-bb-0 border-bottom: none; Example: phone-bb-0
.{ viewport }-br-0 border-right: none; Example: laptop-br-0
.{ viewport }-bl-0 border-left: none; Example: phone-landscape-bl-0

Supported viewports:

  • desktop-large
  • desktop
  • laptop
  • tablet-landscape
  • tablet-portrait
  • phone-landscape
  • phone

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